Snx̌ʷntkʷitkʷ, Columbia River

Cultural Teaching: (‘Elder Message/Teaching’ to come)

Big Ideas:
  • Love, Origin Story, love song
  • sharing of gifts, increase of Rain’s gift (the more she gave her gift, the more it rained)
  • how weather changes landscape, Rain’s bounty carries Coyote to Ocean
  • lovers’ triangle—Ocean and Coyote and Rain, Coyote loves both, but decides to stay with Ocean, Coyote leaves parts of his body with her to stay with her until his return which manifests/transforms into animals: eagle, osprey, bear, and so forth; his heart becomes the Sinixt People, to stay in his stead and worship Rain until Coyote’s return…a People who will always love you
  • trust, faith, commitment, honour, love, (cultural teachings)
  • coyotes (the animal) in their habitat
  • rubbing 1,000 balloons over fur—was how Coyote’s hair stood on end
    (after his breakfast which is water and a Look Around!) “Look Around” = Perspective
  • Communication, river (Rain’s, trail of love, bounty, which took Coyote to Ocean, Coyote song)
  • What kind of song would entice/woo Rain?
  • What does Coyote’s shaking leg mean?
  • Commonly used verbs: marry, love, chase, convince, beg, walk, drool, love song, woo
  • Family Relations = Water Relations (Ocean and Rain) / Coyote Relations (Animals, Birds, Sinixt/human), how do we describe our relations (human and otherwise)

Curricular Competency:
(these are developed by the teacher creating the lesson plan in collaboration with the student(s) receiving the knowledge)
Creative Thinking:
Critical Thinking:
Positive Personal & Cultural Identity:
Personal Awareness & Responsibility:
Social Responsibility:

Essential Questions: Guiding Questions:
  • What kind of song would call the rain?
  • What is the cycle of life around a river?
  • How is everything right on the landscape again? (What does that mean or what would that look like?)
  • How do we celebrate the waterways and rain now?
  • How are the Water and Coyote relations connected today?
  • What are the gifts we share with one another?

  • What are healthy ways of wooing others (you can feel silly and nervous)?
  • How to share ourselves with one another in a healthy manner?
  • What happens when feelings change between people (uncoupling) ?
  • How do the shifting waterways affect life cycles (Rain levels, Dams, etc)?
  • How are the Water and Coyote relations connected today?

  • How can we examine the concept of persuasion/coercion?
  • What is coercion/persuasion in relationships?
  • How do we reconcile traditional tales with contemporary values?
(Historical Relativism (an example: Romeo & Juliet))
  • How do we maintain/protect watersheds? (Their effect on human and wildlife/fauna…what are the reasons for this?)
  • Politicization of water (illegal to collect rainwater in some parts of the world, corporations stealing water from land on Reserves for profit, water rights and ownership of water resources)
  • Write a sonnet or song for Rain from Coyote’s perspective.
  • In the perspective of this story, how are Coyote and his relations with Rain and Ocean connected today?


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